Vishrut B.

Graphic Designer


Here are some of the Testimonials I have received during both freelancing and working for a company.

Vishrut is a quiet achiever that adds depth and talent to any creative team, technically skilled and a real team player who never gets phased by client demands. Most importantly just a great guy to have on your team!

Alexander (Sandy) Moore
LJ Hooker


Vishrut is a truly talented designer with vast experience across formats and across industries. It has been a delight working with him. The Quality of his work as well as the level of detail and thought he puts into his designs is quite impressive. He comes up with creative design solutions on the go, thus reducing my work by half! Every workplace needs a creative thinker like him.

Bonny Philip


Vishrut is a combination of an exceptional creative prowess combined with the efficiency of delivering creatives before time. I have been working with Vishrut for 7 months and in that time, I have grown to respect and admire him for his efficiency, creative skills and finesse. Vishrut is undeniably a resource that any organisation would love to have given his vast experience in design across organisations and his own enthusiasm to keep creating new and engaging designs. Hats off Vishrut!

His USP: Efficiency coupled with Creative prowess!

Atul Verma


Amazing designer! Explores creativity through his designs – be it online or offline. Vishrut has been very helpful with his work every time. It was a pleasure working with him!

Apoorva Makhija


Vishrut has a great eye for detail and can create amazing designs on the fly. A reliable and friendly person, it has been a great pleasure to work with Vishrut. He has given me valuable feedback on content as well. He is an asset to any organisation that needs great design.

Nir Sharma


I had recently opened my laundry business, and wanted an attractive and functional logo that would clearly portray the nature of my business. Vishrut was able to exceed my expectations in all aspects and delivered a beautiful logo!

Animegh Neog
Business Owner


Vishrut is an exceptional talent. His ability to get inside the mind of a client and understand the brief at hand is truly commendable. Over the past two book projects that I have had the good fortune to work with him on, he demonstrated a deep sense of commitment to see how best my works could appeal to various audiences. His skills to craft a unique perspective and demonstrate that in his final proposal are not only deeply satisfying but also truly invigorating. Equally important is his attention span, which does make a client feel that they are truly being heard. I have so far enjoyed working with him and I do look forward to further collaborations in the time ahead.

Rohan Moorthy


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